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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Search Engine Marketing Through Searchers Eyes: Understanding the Motives And Habits Of Searchers

Posted by Dec - 24 - 2010
By scottupton
Millions of individuals use search engines every day to research anything from local movies to government policy. With such a ready-made audience, search engine marketing has become a billion dollar industry, yet some companies don't feel they get an appropriate return on their search engine marketing investment. For the most part, the reason is simple - they may be spending a lot on advertising, but they aren't targeting the audience in the right way. Search engine optimization has to take into account the distinct ways in which people use search engines and the Internet. Although Internet users are reading the information online, their reading habits are very different from the way they read traditional... (more..)

Avoiding Common Search Engine Marketing Traps

Posted by Dec - 17 - 2010
By scottupton
Search engine marketing and search engine optimization of your website is a key element of building a successful brand and creating an online presence. Despite this, many people spend thousands of dollars creating a website, then skimp on the website marketing. It's a shame, because search engines don't read graphics, and photographs take up a huge amount of space with only a very tiny bit of information for the search engines. If your search engine marketing is floundering, you need a better plan. We've put together a list of several common mistakes people make when developing a website marketing plan. As you develop your own search engine marketing strategy, keep these tips in mind: Don't Use Search Engine... (more..)

Small Stuff Counts: Don't Neglect Regional Markets When Deciding On A Search Engine Marketing Program

Posted by Dec - 10 - 2010
By scottupton
When people think about local search engine marketing, if they think about it at all, they generally assume that their regional search engine marketing is fine if they've remembered to add a few pages to their site that are optimized for their keywords plus the name of their city or location. For instance, a search engine marketing service might optimize by using the phrases, "Fort Myers SEO," or "search engine marketing in Cape Coral." That's fine as a start, but you're missing plenty of opportunities if you don't extend your website marketing beyond this basic step. Stay Global, But Optimize Locally If you've made it to the first page of a Google search for your niche, congratulations! Getting to the front... (more..)

Crafting Meta Descriptions That Really Work

Posted by Dec - 4 - 2010
By scottupton
Search engines have become more complex, creating new algorithms and formulas regularly in order to try and improve the relevance and accuracy of search engine results. An unfortunate side effect to this is that many website marketing pros have begun to neglect the Meta Description, assuming it's no longer crucial. Although the basic definition of a Meta Description is simply a summary of what the page is about, this simplistic explanation leaves out a lot of information. Successful website marketing works when you're ranking high in the search engines and you have plenty of click-through to your site. Lose one or the other, and your website marketing efforts will hit a wall. A great Meta Description is one... (more..)