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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Good Website Content: Creating An FAQ Page That's "Just Right"

Posted by Jan - 28 - 2011
By scottupton
Even Goldilocks knows that too much of a good thing isn't always good. If you're creating an FAQ page for your company's website, you'll need to find the balance between questions and answers that are too short to be helpful and so long they bore people to death. Knowing when your FAQ website content is "just right" can be tricky, but keeping our tips in mind will help. There are three good reasons every website design should include an FAQ page for visitors: 1. It gives you the opportunity to answer common questions for site visitors. If you can answer most of their questions, they are more likely to contact you when they are ready to buy. 2. FAQ pages can free up your Customer Support team for more... (more..)

Website Design: Choosing A Powerful Color Scheme

Posted by Jan - 22 - 2011
By scottupton
A winning website design will increase interest in what your company has to offer because it conveys a compelling message about who you are and what your company stands for. In many cases, businesses put a lot of thought and effort into two aspects of their website - the content and the web design - while neglecting color considerations. Sadly, this can lead to some beautifully designed websites that end up disappointing because something "isn't quite right."  Color Affects Emotions And Perceptions Colors elicit powerful emotional responses and can change your perception without you even being aware of it. A cheerful, brightly colored website design might convey a sense of fun and childlike enthusiasm,... (more..)

Usability: Is Your Website Design User Friendly?

Posted by Jan - 14 - 2011
By scottupton
An awesome website has to do more than just look pretty. It also has to have more going for it than great content or savvy website marketing. Many beautifully designed websites tank on the Internet because they simply aren't user friendly. For your new website design to truly be successful, it has to be easy to use. If visitors go to your site and see a gorgeous layout but can't figure out how to get to the next page of information or they can't quickly search and find what they're looking for, they'll leave. Don't let your website design be the one they're referring to when they say, "The website design looked great, but getting around the site was torture." Keeping Your Website Design Focused If you're... (more..)

Website Design: Communicating Clearly With Your Website Designer

Posted by Jan - 7 - 2011
By scottupton
Hiring a website designer to create a new or updated version of your website - or create a completely new site for your growing business is a serious undertaking. If you want your website to truly reflect your company vision and draw in new customers, you'll need to communicate effectively with your designers in order to keep them on track and protect your investment. Remember that working with a website designer is a two way street; you'll need to put in some time and effort from your end rather than simply paying a designer and expecting them to create a website without any guidance. Website designers are professionals, not mind readers. Communicate With Examples You may already have a clear idea of how... (more..)

Fonts And Website Design: The Importance Of The Right Text

Posted by Jan - 3 - 2011
By scottupton
When designing a website, many people think about the graphics and colors first and only worry about fonts when they're ready to actually post the content on the website. Sadly, this common practice often leads to website designs that look good at first glance, but are difficult to read. In addition, some website design fonts don't translate from PCs to Macs or vice-versa, leaving an entire segment of the Internet population unable to read the content on the site. Don't Ignore The Message A Font Conveys Some fonts have a reputation. It sounds ludicrous, but some fonts have gotten such a bad rap over the years that any self-respecting company that uses a font like Comic Sans risks being perceived as... (more..)