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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Keyword Selection Can Help Or Hurt Your Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Feb - 25 - 2011
By scottupton
Search Engine Optimization Basics: Keyword Selection If you use search engine marketing, or have researched search engine optimization at all, you know how important keywords can be to your success. Website marketing that relies on search engine rankings will almost universally target certain keywords. The difference is how those keywords are chosen. In order to have the best chance for successful search engine optimization, you need more than just good content: it needs to be optimized for the right keywords, or it will not have its maximum impact. Why Targeting The Popular Keywords Can Hurt Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts The first thing to realize about keyword choice in search engine marketing... (more..)

Social Media For Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Feb - 19 - 2011
By scottupton
How To Take Advantage Of Social Media To Increase The Impact Of Your Search Engine Optimization Social media marketing is a well-known website marketing technique, and can be quite effective in its own right. Using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your business can net you many new clients while also building up a desirable brand image and camaraderie with your customers. Adding social media to your website marketing strategy is an intelligent choice for these reasons, but you might not recognize an additional benefit that social media can provide: when used properly, it's a big boost to your search engine optimization and to search engine marketing. Basics Of Web Marketing With... (more..)

Search Engine Marketing: Optimized Online Press Releases

Posted by Feb - 11 - 2011
By scottupton
The press release is a classic component of marketing plans, and has been since long before search engine optimization, and even since before the internet. In the web age, press releases have once again taken on a central role as part of search engine marketing. When used correctly, they will promote your company, announce new business endeavors or developments, and help boost search engine optimization by helping you rank highly on major search engines for your chosen terms. You'll get media attention from bloggers and other players in your industry's new media, enhancing your other search engine marketing efforts. Website Marketing Press Release Basics At its core, a modern search engine optimization press... (more..)

The Importance Of Content For Website Marketing Success

Posted by Feb - 4 - 2011
By scottupton
Have you heard the phrase "content is king?" In today's website marketing world, content really is the most important factor in driving sales. More than ever before, you need to carefully manage what you put on your website, providing content that is relevant, interesting, and search engine optimization friendly all in one. In a world where all websites have similar design features, it's your content that will set your company apart. The Internet Revolution: More Than Just Search Engine Optimization In the past few years, the internet has quickly become a part of daily life for virtually everyone across the globe. We are more interconnected than we have ever been, hooked up to the web by phones and mobile... (more..)