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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Google's Webmaster Guidelines: Understanding The Search Engine's Suggestions (And Requirements) For Website Marketing

Posted by Mar - 25 - 2011
By scottupton
There are many different search engines that should be considered when judging search engine optimization results. Although Bing and Yahoo! have substantial traffic and do offer some search engine marketing benefits of their own, the vast majority of all searchers are using Google. Google has also taken the most active role in improving their search engine and taking a lead on website marketing, which is why most search engine optimization professionals look to Google before looking anywhere else. To help search engine marketing professionals and amateur webmasters alike understand what Google's engine is all about, they publish and maintain the Google Webmaster Guidelines, which provide advice about website... (more..)

What Google's Recent Changes Mean For Your Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Posted by Mar - 18 - 2011
By scottupton
It's no secret among website marketing experts and tech buffs that Google is constantly tinkering with their search engine. Google staff makes dozens of small changes every day, tweaking variables so minor that they go almost completely unnoticed. Yet in response to recent issues (like the black hat search engine optimization case of JCPenney, which we talked about in a previous post), Google has made some major changes to its algorithm. While these changes won't immediately sink any company using white hat search engine optimization for website marketing, they're still important to know for future decisions. Decoding The Google Algorithm Google's search algorithm, like the recipes for Coca-Cola, is... (more..)

Search Engine Optimization Do's And Dont's: Valuable Tips That Will Help Your Web Marketing Strategy Succeed

Posted by Mar - 11 - 2011
By scottupton
Search engine optimization is a necessary element of any company's website marketing strategy. Search engine marketing allows your most promising clients to find you, establishes you as a leader in your industry, and builds lasting value that you can leverage for years to come. As we mentioned in last week's post, there is a definite wrong way to do search engine optimization. Not only can you fail to rise in the rankings, you can actually get penalized by search giant Google if you use so-called black hat website marketing techniques (see that post for more information on black hat search engine optimization.) Black hat search engine marketing is an obvious don't, but there are many more common mistakes that... (more..)

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization: How To Recognize And Avoid It

Posted by Mar - 8 - 2011
By scottupton
Have you heard about what happened to major online retailer JCPenney? After a report was published in the New York Times outlining its incredible dominance for strangely specific search terms, a Google investigation determined that the company had gone against Google's search engine marketing guidelines, using what the industry calls "black hat search engine optimization" to obtain an unfair advantage. As punishment, the retailer's links were buried in the rankings. Within a few hours, JCPenney went from tops in the results for desirable terms like "dresses" to buried at #57 or even lower. JCPenney claims that they were unaware of the black hat search engine marketing techniques. They blame a subcontractor, a... (more..)