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Monthly Archives: May 2011

How To Use Google Analytics To Inform Your Search Engine Optimization Choices

Posted by May - 20 - 2011
By scottupton
A few weeks ago we discussed the many different ways to measure the success of search engine optimization. We talked a little bit about Google Analytics, and mentioned that it was a powerful tool for tracking a number of different website marketing metrics. In fact, Google Analytics is a key component of any search engine marketing strategy because it provides some of the best info available in a clear, concise fashion. Best of all, it's free to use and easy to incorporate into your webpage. Getting Started With Google Analytics Website Marketing Metrics The first step for using Google Analytics is to actually sign up for it. This is as simple as registering for a Google webmaster account, and linking your... (more..)

Is Your Website Designed For Maximum Search Engine Optimization Success?

Posted by May - 13 - 2011
By scottupton
Although content is the single most important element of search engine optimization, many search engine marketing companies overlook an important element: the actual web design of your company's online presence. There are many technical adjustments which must be made in order for any web design to maximize availability to search engines. In addition, there are visual tweaks which can help appeal to the new audience that your search engine optimization brings. Being aware of these and implementing them on your website will be a major help to your search engine marketing strategy. Web Design Could Be Hiding Your Webpage From Search Engines Unless your website was created by a company that knows the rules of... (more..)

Measuring Search Engine Optimization Results

Posted by May - 6 - 2011
By scottupton
Virtually every search engine optimization expert recommends that you track the results of every campaign that you run. They'll tell you the benefits of using that data to gain insight for future search engine marketing endeavors, as well as for modifying current website marketing strategies. The problem is, they rarely tell you much about how to best measure your search engine optimization results. That's partly because the field of search engine marketing metrics is still developing, but it's primarily because most website marketing experts don't want to worry about tracking their performance. Here, we'll discuss several different ways to measure website marketing results, highlighting the strengths and... (more..)

3 Ways To Go Above And Beyond With Your Search Engine Optimization

Posted by May - 3 - 2011
By scottupton
The basics of search engine optimization aren't all that hard to master. You need to carefully choose your keywords, and keep your website marketing updated with fresh content. Generate links to your website from other places, and try to make sure that other places are talking about you. This is a pretty surefire method for search engine optimization success…assuming that you're not in a particularly competitive field. Unfortunately, most search engine marketing takes place in a very competitive field. In order to experience the highest degree of success, you have to take everything you do to a higher level. You need to go above and beyond regular search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization Extra... (more..)