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Monthly Archives: September 2011

How Google +1 Can Help Your Business' Search Engine Marketing And Website Marketing Efforts

Posted by Sep - 8 - 2011
By scottupton
Perhaps you've heard the news: A couple months ago Internet browser giant, Google rolled out its latest innovation in search engine marketing, Google +1. This website marketing tool has been developed to enable users to more confidently and efficiently navigate the often unwieldy and overwhelming search engine terrain. Likened to the Google equivalent of the omnipotent Facebook "thumbs up," the +1 button allows everyone with a Google account to simply click the +1 and alert their entire network that this site is worth checking out. Can Your Business Search Engine Optimization Campaign Benefit From +1 For individuals exhausted from incessant wheel spinning and time squandered clicking through an endless... (more..)

Understanding the Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Posted by Sep - 2 - 2011
By scottupton
Understanding The Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing And How To Maximize Results For Your Business Search engine marketing has firmly established itself as a viable promotional tool for both Internet businesses as well as brick and mortar companies alike. Organizations of every size have embraced search engine marketing and its suite of online promotional campaigns strategically created to directly target and market to specific consumer demographics. With techniques including website marketing tactics such as pay per click and paid ads functionality, the ultimate goal of search engine marketing is to increase website traffic and convert these clicks into currency. Why Search Engine Marketing Is A Powerful... (more..)