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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Are You Holding Your Web Design Firm Accountable? Key Ways To Ensure They Deliver Results

Posted by Nov - 25 - 2013
By scottupton
When it comes to extending online promotional reach and brand recognition, nothing delivers like a solid website marketing campaign. No matter what industry your organization currently operates in, a comprehensive website marketing initiative will quickly and steadily help your company bubble to the top of strategically relevant keyword searches and dominate browser results from your consuming demographic.   While the power of a website marketing approach should never be underestimated, it's important to remember that SEO and other Internet specific advertorial tactics are more like the window displays of your organization, designed specifically to compel your customers to take a closer look at your... (more..)

Want To Maximize Search Engine Optimization ROI? Avoid These Common SEO Missteps

Posted by Nov - 20 - 2013
By scottupton
When first implementing a search engine marketing / search engine optimization campaign, the promotional options can feel overwhelming. Yes, search engine optimization has truly validated itself as a viable advertorial method capable of yielding unparalleled results. However, there is a lengthy list of online promotional tactics to choose from when creating a business' ideal marketing mix. Finding out which ones make the most sense for your company can feel daunting, especially if you are making your initial foray into the search engine marketing arena.   Search Engine Optimization Tactics To Avoid When Building Your Campaign   If you find yourself tasked with compiling your business'... (more..)

Worried About Changing Algorithms? We Deliver Quality Search Engine Marketing Campaigns For Long Term Results

Posted by Nov - 19 - 2013
By scottupton
In recent years, the term "algorithm" has received a whole lot of global press as well as a new modern meaning to business owners the world over. Once a term solely bandied about by the mathematically gifted amongst us, the word "algorithm" now instantly brings to mind search engine marketing and search engine optimization campaigns created around this fickle term's current online preferences. Want to incite panic amongst the corporate masses heavily entrenched in search engine optimization strategies? Simply utter the "A" word with "Google" and "changing" in close proximity and watch the chaos ensue.   Why Browser Algorithms Have Gotten A Bad Rap   Because of its formidable online force... (more..)

Upton Technology Group Helps Businesses Employ Landing Pages For A Comprehensive Website Marketing Plan

Posted by Nov - 15 - 2013
By scottupton
Here at Upton Technology Group, our team of seasoned web design/website marketing specialists recognizes that merely posting a simple business home page is just not enough to guarantee the type of promotional impact organizations require to sustain themselves.  Sure, unveiling an initial web design proves a great first step in establishing some type of online promotional presence.   However, in order to successfully optimize website marketing ROI, businesses of every size and scope need to ensure that they have a strategically calculated, multi-dimensional website marketing plan in place to complement the visually compelling appeal of a well-crafted web design. A thoroughly designed and... (more..)

Key Ways To Tell If Your Business Needs A Search Engine Optimization Makeover

Posted by Nov - 13 - 2013
By scottupton
In a relatively short period of time, website marketing has risen to the top of promotional campaigns for companies in any industry. The Internet has essentially leveled the playing field for vertical giants and start ups alike. In order to successfully grab the eye of the global market at large, business leaders have quickly learned that incorporating a website marketing, and more specifically, search engine optimization plan, proves far more than an advertorial accessory. Rather, proactively and strategically executing a search engine optimization initiative is a necessity.   Many Businesses Shun Search Engine Optimization After One Negative Encounter   While the relevance and... (more..)

Don’t Forget The Web Design In Your Business Website Marketing Initiatives

Posted by Nov - 11 - 2013
By scottupton
Oftentimes, when organizations begin their website marketing efforts, they focus most of their advertorial attention on external resources and entities. Yes, they successfully and systematically work through the search engine marketing checklist of free and fee services that help push their home pages to the top of the browser search results. However, many businesses often stop here and fail to tap into their most valuable website marketing weapon: their web design. Savvy business owners understand that in order to successfully tap into the formidable force that Internet advertising delivers to companies of every scope, they must create a perfect promotional storm that includes these external website marketing... (more..)

Beyond Browser Rankings: Top 5 Other Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Nov - 10 - 2013
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, our team of seasoned website marketing/search engine optimization specialists understands that for many of clients, incorporating a search engine optimization strategy stems for a primary desire to rule the search engines. With so many businesses competing on a global scale, companies in any industry recognize the critical importance of utilizing search engine optimization to rise in browser rankings in hopes of claiming the coveted top of the list. Without implementing SEO as part of a strategic website marketing initiative, companies find themselves getting lost in the shuffle and ultimately, missing out on business opportunities.   Search Engine Optimization: Not Just... (more..)