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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Tips for Improving Your Website’s Marketing ROI

Posted by Apr - 24 - 2014
By scottupton
You invest a lot of time and money in your company website but, unless you focus on its return on investment, you may not reap the benefits of an online presence. Here are a few tips for improving your website’s marketing ROI.   Get A Good Domain Name It costs just as much to have a good website name as it does to own a lousy domain. Keep it short and easy to remember.   Plaster Your Domain Name Everywhere You pay the same for domain registration whether you get one visitor per month or one million. Plaster your URL on all your marketing material, from printing it on brochures to saying the name of your website when you make videos.   Improve Your Page Rank On Search... (more..)

How to Create a Lead Generating Website in Seven Easy Steps

Posted by Apr - 17 - 2014
By scottupton
Lead generating websites create a sales pipeline: you post interesting content that captures the attention of potential clients then invite them to sign up for even more great content. For example, you can provide a link at the end of each blog that takes the reader to a downloadable offer. This link takes the reader to a landing page where he fills out a form, usually with name, email address and that sort of information. While the concept of lead generating websites is straightforward, creating one can be a little complicated.   You can use lead generating websites to identify and reach out to a larger number of qualified customers. You know these leads are highly interested in your product... (more..)

How Google Plus Engagement Factors into Your SEO Strategy

Posted by Apr - 7 - 2014
By scottupton
Google Plus is certainly not the most popular platform out there when compared to Facebook, the king of social media networks. However, this is one of the only social media networks that can directly impact your search engine rankings. If your organization has not already adopted a Google Plus strategy, then you should strongly consider doing so. Your content is much more likely to gain exposure as followers vote for and share your links with their own networks. The Power of +1 Votes Searchmetrics, an SEO analytics company released a report demonstrating that the +1 votes have the highest correlation to search rank listings, surpassing other factors such as Facebook likes, tweets, and backlinks. In fact,... (more..)