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Posted by Jul - 14 - 2021
By scottupton
In recent years, search engine optimization has firmly established its promotional presence across nearly every industry vertical. No matter the type, size and intent of an organization, business owners on a global level have raced to embrace this potent advertorial resource and incorporate it into their already existing marketing mix of initiatives. These entrepreneurs have learned firsthand that delving into the search engine optimization arena often meets and exceeds expectations and desired results in ways they had previously never imagined Search Engine Optimization: Have You Embraced This Powerful Resource? However, despite the overwhelming entrepreneurial consensus that search engine marketing and... (more..)
Posted by Jul - 21 - 2014
By scottupton
The modern company website is more than an internet brochure – it is an essential marketing tool for the 21st century. Designing a website as a marketing tool may be easier than you think.   Start at the end Determine how you want your visitors to think and feel when they leave your website then design the rest of the site to reinforce those thoughts and feelings of having a common interest. If you sell dog food, for example, your website should make people feel good about spending a little more to feed man’s best friend. Market to canine lovers by proving your company loves dogs too – post plenty of pictures of happy people playing with healthy dogs or publish blogs about proper pet nutrition.... (more..)
Posted by Jul - 3 - 2014
By scottupton
In the early days of the internet, companies would create websites that looked like personal vanity sites. It was all about outbound marketing strategies back then, before marketers realized the lead generating, inbound marketing power only the internet could provide.   Today, websites are no longer online versions of your company brochure – when done correctly, a good website is a lead generation powerhouse. While it might be easier to create a lead generation website from the ground up, you can certainly retrofit your existing website to get more qualified leads than your company can handle.   Pages with a purpose   Create each page, especially a lead generation page, with a... (more..)
Posted by May - 27 - 2014
By scottupton
If your website is stocked with a steady stream of original content, you may have reason to celebrate the release of Google’s Panda 4.0. This latest update to Google’s search algorithm, released May 20, is aimed at increasing the number of relevant, high-quality sites that show up on the search engine result pages (SERPs).   Those who consistently follow best practices in their search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies may reap the rewards of the update with higher rankings in the search results. This can lead to an increase in traffic, leads and eventual sales.   Weeding Out the Losers   The theory behind the Panda 4.0 update is that it will weed... (more..)
Posted by May - 23 - 2014
By scottupton
Facebook now has more than a billion users and they are all hungry to hear what your company has to offer. Well, maybe not all one billion Facebook users will buy your product but, if you use this social media platform correctly, you can covert a lot of Facebook fans into buying customers. While Facebook does offer pay-to-play options to promote your company, you can harness the power of Facebook without spending a dime. Post Frequently Post at different times of day and night, especially if you target an international audience. Fortunately, Facebook has an app that lets you schedule posts up to six months in advance. Be aware, however, that viewers will think someone actually typed the post moments before... (more..)
Posted by May - 13 - 2014
By scottupton
Now that you have created a beautiful website with plenty of great content, you need an internet marketing strategy to help you increase website traffic and convert that traffic into sales. Fortunately, the internet provides plenty of opportunities for you to maintain your existing customers, reach out to potential clients and improve conversion rates.   Each year, the Content Marketing Institute looks at online marketing trends in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors, commonly known as B2C and B2B markets. In their 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America reports for B2C and B2B markets, the Content Marketing Institute shows an unprecedented use of internet... (more..)
Posted by Apr - 24 - 2014
By scottupton
You invest a lot of time and money in your company website but, unless you focus on its return on investment, you may not reap the benefits of an online presence. Here are a few tips for improving your website’s marketing ROI.   Get A Good Domain Name It costs just as much to have a good website name as it does to own a lousy domain. Keep it short and easy to remember.   Plaster Your Domain Name Everywhere You pay the same for domain registration whether you get one visitor per month or one million. Plaster your URL on all your marketing material, from printing it on brochures to saying the name of your website when you make videos.   Improve Your Page Rank On Search... (more..)