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Category: Search Engine Marketing

Why Your Business Should Be Using SEO Articles As Part Of Its Search Engine Marketing Plan

Posted on Dec - 9 - 2013
By scottupton
Companies first making their initial foray into online marketing often do so cautiously. Yes, buzzwords and phrases like "search engine optimization" and "search engine marketing" have saturated our promotional consciousness. However, when it comes to effectively incorporating these Internet advertorial initiatives into a comprehensive campaign, it's hard to know where to begin.   Upton Technology Group: Search Engine Marketing Experts   At Upton Technology Group, we understand that one of the best ways for our customers to segue into the realm of search engine marketing tactics is by publishing distribution articles that showcase proven search engine optimization innovations. Carefully... (more..)

Want To Maximize Search Engine Optimization ROI? Avoid These Common SEO Missteps

Posted on Nov - 20 - 2013
By scottupton
When first implementing a search engine marketing / search engine optimization campaign, the promotional options can feel overwhelming. Yes, search engine optimization has truly validated itself as a viable advertorial method capable of yielding unparalleled results. However, there is a lengthy list of online promotional tactics to choose from when creating a business' ideal marketing mix. Finding out which ones make the most sense for your company can feel daunting, especially if you are making your initial foray into the search engine marketing arena.   Search Engine Optimization Tactics To Avoid When Building Your Campaign   If you find yourself tasked with compiling your business'... (more..)

Worried About Changing Algorithms? We Deliver Quality Search Engine Marketing Campaigns For Long Term Results

Posted on Nov - 19 - 2013
By scottupton
In recent years, the term "algorithm" has received a whole lot of global press as well as a new modern meaning to business owners the world over. Once a term solely bandied about by the mathematically gifted amongst us, the word "algorithm" now instantly brings to mind search engine marketing and search engine optimization campaigns created around this fickle term's current online preferences. Want to incite panic amongst the corporate masses heavily entrenched in search engine optimization strategies? Simply utter the "A" word with "Google" and "changing" in close proximity and watch the chaos ensue.   Why Browser Algorithms Have Gotten A Bad Rap   Because of its formidable online force... (more..)

Three Common But Costly Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

Posted on Sep - 28 - 2012
By scottupton
Search engine marketing uses online promotional techniques to enhance a business's brand recognition while slowly and consistently (aka "organically") increasing the uptick in visitor traffic to an organization's web design. Due to the great results yielded through this online promotional approach, businesses in virtually every industry have raced to embrace SEM as part of their comprehensive advertorial initiatives. Who could blame them? Successfully incorporating a strategic version of various search engine marketing innovations has helped many a business level the competitive playing field, dominate search engine results and entice online users to click. Stay Focused On What Defines Search Engine Marketing... (more..)

Why You Should Be Using An Optimized Sitemap To Ensure Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on Aug - 1 - 2012
By scottupton
In today's commercial marketplace, search engine marketing has become more than just a fringe promotional tool. Gone forever are the days where companies mostly only compete locally to gain the favor of patrons in their neck of the consuming woods. Instead, organizations today recognize that it's a global economy and buyers are savvy. Understanding that their pool of targeted clientele has endless online resources available online with just a simple mouse click, businesses must use search engine marketing strategically to deepen brand recognition and stand out in the online crowd. When it comes to search engine marketing success, companies may have a litany of action items and quantifiable objectives that... (more..)

Why Web Design Plays A Critical Role In Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on Jun - 14 - 2012
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, we understand that search engine marketing, when effectively employed and executed, marks a critical way for a business to promote itself through the use of online promotional methods. Used as an umbrella term that encompasses both free and fee associated tactics, search engine marketing incorporates techniques like SEO, pay per click and a slew of other organic and paid search advertising approaches. The team at Upton Technology Group uses search engine marketing with one simple goal in mind: to help a business rise to the top of search engine results and stay there. Search Engine Marketing: One Half Of The Advertising Equation While search engine marketing has successfully helped... (more..)

Important Factors To Look For When Sourcing A Search Engine Optimization Firm

Posted on Jun - 12 - 2012
By scottupton
Search engine optimization has proven itself as an invaluable tool as both a way to generate buzz about a particular organization, as well as a reliable resource in any website marketing campaign. While most companies have heard the term and recognize its value, with the ever changing browser algorithms and specific nuances of this website marketing art form, it can be challenging for businesses that don't specialize in search engine optimization to successfully keep up. Ultimately, companies that want to improve their search engine rankings without wasting precious internal resources recognize that partnering with a professional search engine optimization firm makes perfect business sense. While the decision... (more..)

How Google +1 Can Help Your Business' Search Engine Marketing And Website Marketing Efforts

Posted on Sep - 8 - 2011
By scottupton
Perhaps you've heard the news: A couple months ago Internet browser giant, Google rolled out its latest innovation in search engine marketing, Google +1. This website marketing tool has been developed to enable users to more confidently and efficiently navigate the often unwieldy and overwhelming search engine terrain. Likened to the Google equivalent of the omnipotent Facebook "thumbs up," the +1 button allows everyone with a Google account to simply click the +1 and alert their entire network that this site is worth checking out. Can Your Business Search Engine Optimization Campaign Benefit From +1 For individuals exhausted from incessant wheel spinning and time squandered clicking through an endless... (more..)

Understanding the Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Posted on Sep - 2 - 2011
By scottupton
Understanding The Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing And How To Maximize Results For Your Business Search engine marketing has firmly established itself as a viable promotional tool for both Internet businesses as well as brick and mortar companies alike. Organizations of every size have embraced search engine marketing and its suite of online promotional campaigns strategically created to directly target and market to specific consumer demographics. With techniques including website marketing tactics such as pay per click and paid ads functionality, the ultimate goal of search engine marketing is to increase website traffic and convert these clicks into currency. Why Search Engine Marketing Is A Powerful... (more..)

Getting Started With Search Engine Optimization

Posted on Jul - 26 - 2011
By scottupton
When To Change Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Whether you're just starting to consider search engine optimization or already use search engine marketing to help your company, there will come a time when you decide to start or re-start your campaign. This initial moment is one of the most important moments in your marketing program because it will determine a lot of what happens from that point onward. Although search engine optimization takes time to see results, knowing when to get things started is important because you'll be launching a total campaign. You don't want to change things too frequently, yet new marketing initiatives can generate fresh interest. New Products Always Warrant Re-Evaluating... (more..)