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Snackable Videos

There is no denying the importance of content in your marketing strategy.  From your website to your social media feeds, content not only keeps your viewers engaged, but can also be of great benefit for your online marketing strategy.  And with the more and more users utilizing mobile as their primary source for content, snackable content (easy to digest, easy to share) is more important now than in the past.  “Snackable” is a buzzword that simply refers to short form videos, social media and blog posts. Hence, “Snackable Videos”!

Snackable Video ContentWhen it comes to grabbing your viewers attention, you have seconds to do so, so it becomes all about the visual impact of the message you are trying to deliver.  Snackable content becomes Hi-Quality snacks!  Videos should be 30 seconds or less, and get straight to the point.  Look at the graph to see how Engagement drops as Video Length increases.  Be sure to cut your videos down to “bite-size” ideas!


OK, so now you know a bit about Snackable Videos, and the importance of engaging your audience in a quick, consumable manner.  But, where do you start?  That’s where we can help!  Whether you are looking for videos to help promote your product, service or brand on Social Media, or maybe you have a special event you would like to promote?  Upton Technology Group can create you a bite sized, powerful video, with prices starting at $50.00 for a 15 second video.  Reach out to our team and lets discuss your ideas and how to best engage your audience before your competitor does! 


Snackable Video Creation
Snackable videos are "bite size" videos that engage your audience by grabbing their attention quickly!
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