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Tag: search engine optimization

Worried About Changing Algorithms? We Deliver Quality Search Engine Marketing Campaigns For Long Term Results

Posted on Nov - 19 - 2013
By scottupton
In recent years, the term "algorithm" has received a whole lot of global press as well as a new modern meaning to business owners the world over. Once a term solely bandied about by the mathematically gifted amongst us, the word "algorithm" now instantly brings to mind search engine marketing and search engine optimization campaigns created around this fickle term's current online preferences. Want to incite panic amongst the corporate masses heavily entrenched in search engine optimization strategies? Simply utter the "A" word with "Google" and "changing" in close proximity and watch the chaos ensue.   Why Browser Algorithms Have Gotten A Bad Rap   Because of its formidable online force... (more..)

Key Ways To Tell If Your Business Needs A Search Engine Optimization Makeover

Posted on Nov - 13 - 2013
By scottupton
In a relatively short period of time, website marketing has risen to the top of promotional campaigns for companies in any industry. The Internet has essentially leveled the playing field for vertical giants and start ups alike. In order to successfully grab the eye of the global market at large, business leaders have quickly learned that incorporating a website marketing, and more specifically, search engine optimization plan, proves far more than an advertorial accessory. Rather, proactively and strategically executing a search engine optimization initiative is a necessity.   Many Businesses Shun Search Engine Optimization After One Negative Encounter   While the relevance and... (more..)

Beyond Browser Rankings: Top 5 Other Reasons Your Business Should Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Posted on Nov - 10 - 2013
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, our team of seasoned website marketing/search engine optimization specialists understands that for many of clients, incorporating a search engine optimization strategy stems for a primary desire to rule the search engines. With so many businesses competing on a global scale, companies in any industry recognize the critical importance of utilizing search engine optimization to rise in browser rankings in hopes of claiming the coveted top of the list. Without implementing SEO as part of a strategic website marketing initiative, companies find themselves getting lost in the shuffle and ultimately, missing out on business opportunities.   Search Engine Optimization: Not Just... (more..)

Understanding The Important Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Posted on Feb - 1 - 2013
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, our team of search engine optimization/web design specialists recognizes the benefits establishing an online presence delivers to our clients. Regardless of specialties and services, companies in virtually every industry not only need to create their online reputation and image as part of their overall brand, they must also successfully sustain the results offered by search engine optimization and other Internet marketing efforts. Easier said than done, right? Local Search Engine Optimization Efforts Deliver Results According to search engine giant, Google, nearly 20% of all browser searches are based on location. This regionally specific search trend lends substantial credibility... (more..)

Why It Doesn't Always Pay To Pay: Understanding The Benefits Of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Posted on Nov - 12 - 2012
By scottupton
By definition, organic search engine optimization means utilizing free resources and methods to increase online promotional efforts and broaden the reach of a business' website marketing campaign. While organic search engine optimization has already established itself as a proven and viable website marketing approach, many organizations still feel reluctant to incorporate it into their existing initiatives. Instead, these businesses continue to fund traditional promotional techniques and even consider website marketing tactics that are fee driven. While paid online website marketing options certainly have a genuine place in many customized campaigns, it's important to remember that they do have their... (more..)

Five Important Factors To Consider To Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Posted on Aug - 21 - 2012
By scottupton
At this point, most of the business world at large has heard of, and even tossed around the phrase "search engine optimization" when discussing a business' online marketing approach. While the term has certainly entrenched itself firmly in our commerce vernacular, the specifics regarding this powerful promotional tool still seem a bit fuzzy to the general population. Questions ranging from discerning exactly what an algorithm is, all the way through to compiling final diagnostic analysis for success plague virtually every entrepreneur at some point throughout the SEO process. Partnering With A Professional Search Engine Optimization Firm Minimizes Confusion If you're not completely certain about the many... (more..)

Why You Should Be Using An Optimized Sitemap To Ensure Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on Aug - 1 - 2012
By scottupton
In today's commercial marketplace, search engine marketing has become more than just a fringe promotional tool. Gone forever are the days where companies mostly only compete locally to gain the favor of patrons in their neck of the consuming woods. Instead, organizations today recognize that it's a global economy and buyers are savvy. Understanding that their pool of targeted clientele has endless online resources available online with just a simple mouse click, businesses must use search engine marketing strategically to deepen brand recognition and stand out in the online crowd. When it comes to search engine marketing success, companies may have a litany of action items and quantifiable objectives that... (more..)

Important Factors To Look For When Sourcing A Search Engine Optimization Firm

Posted on Jun - 12 - 2012
By scottupton
Search engine optimization has proven itself as an invaluable tool as both a way to generate buzz about a particular organization, as well as a reliable resource in any website marketing campaign. While most companies have heard the term and recognize its value, with the ever changing browser algorithms and specific nuances of this website marketing art form, it can be challenging for businesses that don't specialize in search engine optimization to successfully keep up. Ultimately, companies that want to improve their search engine rankings without wasting precious internal resources recognize that partnering with a professional search engine optimization firm makes perfect business sense. While the decision... (more..)

Four Key Ways You Can Use Your Business Blog As Part Of A Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Plan

Posted on Apr - 27 - 2012
By scottupton
When it comes to establishing an online presence, businesses in every industry recognize that search engine optimization is a proven resource. Here are four ways you can use your business blog as a part of your overall search engine optimization plan. The result is increased online visibility, higher ranks in the search engines, and a following that recognizes you as a thought leader in your industry. Upton Technology Group: Experts In The Search Engine Optimization Benefits Of Blogs At Upton Technology Group, our team of website marketing experts understands that creating a business blog can play a significant role in a well-executed search engine optimization plan. Easy to create and establish and... (more..)

How Google +1 Can Help Your Business' Search Engine Marketing And Website Marketing Efforts

Posted on Sep - 8 - 2011
By scottupton
Perhaps you've heard the news: A couple months ago Internet browser giant, Google rolled out its latest innovation in search engine marketing, Google +1. This website marketing tool has been developed to enable users to more confidently and efficiently navigate the often unwieldy and overwhelming search engine terrain. Likened to the Google equivalent of the omnipotent Facebook "thumbs up," the +1 button allows everyone with a Google account to simply click the +1 and alert their entire network that this site is worth checking out. Can Your Business Search Engine Optimization Campaign Benefit From +1 For individuals exhausted from incessant wheel spinning and time squandered clicking through an endless... (more..)