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Tag: Social Media marketing

Why Multimedia is Becoming Increasingly Important in Social Media Marketing

Posted on Mar - 7 - 2014
By scottupton
2014 has been a pivotal year for social media platforms that support multimedia. Instagram and Vine are pushing hard for video content adoption and changing the way businesses approach social media marketing. When it comes to raw numbers, Vine's user base exceeds Instagram's, however Instagram offers longer recording times, which expand your marketing options. And companies can't forget about the niche demographics they can reach via picture sharing sites like Pinterest – these avenues can provide your services and products with viral exposure and lead to increased conversion rates.   Learning from the Greats   If your marketing team wants to adopt multimedia content marketing, but... (more..)

Important Factors To Look For When Sourcing A Search Engine Optimization Firm

Posted on Jun - 12 - 2012
By scottupton
Search engine optimization has proven itself as an invaluable tool as both a way to generate buzz about a particular organization, as well as a reliable resource in any website marketing campaign. While most companies have heard the term and recognize its value, with the ever changing browser algorithms and specific nuances of this website marketing art form, it can be challenging for businesses that don't specialize in search engine optimization to successfully keep up. Ultimately, companies that want to improve their search engine rankings without wasting precious internal resources recognize that partnering with a professional search engine optimization firm makes perfect business sense. While the decision... (more..)

Going Beyond Website Marketing

Posted on Aug - 5 - 2011
By scottupton
It's easy for most companies to see how web design and pure website marketing are important parts of the overall online marketing scheme. However, although they are important, they are not so important that other things should be overlooked. We'll talk about some of the other options beyond website marketing, including social media, blogs, and more. Web Design Is Just The Beginning Everything flows from a good web design. With a strong web design, your customers will know exactly who you are whenever they encounter your company or products. The primary role of website marketing is to promote your company to everyone who sees it. Ensuring that the promotion is memorable is a key to having high impact.... (more..)

Social Media For Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Posted on Feb - 19 - 2011
By scottupton
How To Take Advantage Of Social Media To Increase The Impact Of Your Search Engine Optimization Social media marketing is a well-known website marketing technique, and can be quite effective in its own right. Using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your business can net you many new clients while also building up a desirable brand image and camaraderie with your customers. Adding social media to your website marketing strategy is an intelligent choice for these reasons, but you might not recognize an additional benefit that social media can provide: when used properly, it's a big boost to your search engine optimization and to search engine marketing. Basics Of Web Marketing With... (more..)