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Tag: Web Design

Website Marketing Checklist: Know How To Boost Your Online Site Visibility

Posted on Dec - 27 - 2013
By scottupton
Do you currently have a business site that just isn't getting the traffic needed to steal market share from the competition? Have you recently updated your web design but feel like you're not sure how to get the word out to your customers? Sounds like you're ready to implement a comprehensive website marketing plan that will target your company's specific demographic while simultaneously helping the search engines notice your site amongst the sea of competitors vying for a little online attention.   But how does one best implement an online website marketing solution? Unless website marketing/web design is part of your core functionality, chances are you're not exactly sure where to begin your... (more..)

Upton Technology Group Helps Businesses Employ Landing Pages For A Comprehensive Website Marketing Plan

Posted on Nov - 15 - 2013
By scottupton
Here at Upton Technology Group, our team of seasoned web design/website marketing specialists recognizes that merely posting a simple business home page is just not enough to guarantee the type of promotional impact organizations require to sustain themselves.  Sure, unveiling an initial web design proves a great first step in establishing some type of online promotional presence.   However, in order to successfully optimize website marketing ROI, businesses of every size and scope need to ensure that they have a strategically calculated, multi-dimensional website marketing plan in place to complement the visually compelling appeal of a well-crafted web design. A thoroughly designed and... (more..)

Don’t Forget The Web Design In Your Business Website Marketing Initiatives

Posted on Nov - 11 - 2013
By scottupton
Oftentimes, when organizations begin their website marketing efforts, they focus most of their advertorial attention on external resources and entities. Yes, they successfully and systematically work through the search engine marketing checklist of free and fee services that help push their home pages to the top of the browser search results. However, many businesses often stop here and fail to tap into their most valuable website marketing weapon: their web design. Savvy business owners understand that in order to successfully tap into the formidable force that Internet advertising delivers to companies of every scope, they must create a perfect promotional storm that includes these external website marketing... (more..)

Understanding The Important Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Posted on Feb - 1 - 2013
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, our team of search engine optimization/web design specialists recognizes the benefits establishing an online presence delivers to our clients. Regardless of specialties and services, companies in virtually every industry not only need to create their online reputation and image as part of their overall brand, they must also successfully sustain the results offered by search engine optimization and other Internet marketing efforts. Easier said than done, right? Local Search Engine Optimization Efforts Deliver Results According to search engine giant, Google, nearly 20% of all browser searches are based on location. This regionally specific search trend lends substantial credibility... (more..)

Three Common But Costly Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

Posted on Sep - 28 - 2012
By scottupton
Search engine marketing uses online promotional techniques to enhance a business's brand recognition while slowly and consistently (aka "organically") increasing the uptick in visitor traffic to an organization's web design. Due to the great results yielded through this online promotional approach, businesses in virtually every industry have raced to embrace SEM as part of their comprehensive advertorial initiatives. Who could blame them? Successfully incorporating a strategic version of various search engine marketing innovations has helped many a business level the competitive playing field, dominate search engine results and entice online users to click. Stay Focused On What Defines Search Engine Marketing... (more..)

Five Important Factors To Consider To Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Posted on Aug - 21 - 2012
By scottupton
At this point, most of the business world at large has heard of, and even tossed around the phrase "search engine optimization" when discussing a business' online marketing approach. While the term has certainly entrenched itself firmly in our commerce vernacular, the specifics regarding this powerful promotional tool still seem a bit fuzzy to the general population. Questions ranging from discerning exactly what an algorithm is, all the way through to compiling final diagnostic analysis for success plague virtually every entrepreneur at some point throughout the SEO process. Partnering With A Professional Search Engine Optimization Firm Minimizes Confusion If you're not completely certain about the many... (more..)

Why You Should Be Using An Optimized Sitemap To Ensure Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on Aug - 1 - 2012
By scottupton
In today's commercial marketplace, search engine marketing has become more than just a fringe promotional tool. Gone forever are the days where companies mostly only compete locally to gain the favor of patrons in their neck of the consuming woods. Instead, organizations today recognize that it's a global economy and buyers are savvy. Understanding that their pool of targeted clientele has endless online resources available online with just a simple mouse click, businesses must use search engine marketing strategically to deepen brand recognition and stand out in the online crowd. When it comes to search engine marketing success, companies may have a litany of action items and quantifiable objectives that... (more..)

Why Web Design Plays A Critical Role In Search Engine Marketing Success

Posted on Jun - 14 - 2012
By scottupton
At Upton Technology Group, we understand that search engine marketing, when effectively employed and executed, marks a critical way for a business to promote itself through the use of online promotional methods. Used as an umbrella term that encompasses both free and fee associated tactics, search engine marketing incorporates techniques like SEO, pay per click and a slew of other organic and paid search advertising approaches. The team at Upton Technology Group uses search engine marketing with one simple goal in mind: to help a business rise to the top of search engine results and stay there. Search Engine Marketing: One Half Of The Advertising Equation While search engine marketing has successfully helped... (more..)

Website Marketing To Your Niche and the General Public

Posted on Aug - 22 - 2011
By scottupton
In the past this blog has talked about the power of local website marketing, which helps promote your business to those customers nearby and thus most likely to benefit from what you have to offer. For many businesses, physical proximity is important, but it isn't a deciding factor for every online store. If you don't have a local focus, you're probably deciding between a narrow focus on your existing client base, or a more broad, far-reaching website marketing strategy that will help bring in new clients while also catering to the needs and wants of your current base. We typically help our clients find a balance of both, using web design that will reach both groups simultaneously and content arranged to... (more..)

Going Beyond Website Marketing

Posted on Aug - 5 - 2011
By scottupton
It's easy for most companies to see how web design and pure website marketing are important parts of the overall online marketing scheme. However, although they are important, they are not so important that other things should be overlooked. We'll talk about some of the other options beyond website marketing, including social media, blogs, and more. Web Design Is Just The Beginning Everything flows from a good web design. With a strong web design, your customers will know exactly who you are whenever they encounter your company or products. The primary role of website marketing is to promote your company to everyone who sees it. Ensuring that the promotion is memorable is a key to having high impact.... (more..)