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"Computer Problem, No Problem. Upton Technology Group has been able to fix any problem I have had in a timely professional manner and has provided advise and technical consulting that has kept my personal and business operations working quickly, efficiently and secure. Highly Recommended!"

Mac Moise III    The Moise Financial Group, Inc.   

"I received the help of Upton Technology Group for the revision of our website. Scott Upton and his staff did an outstanding job of incorporating new ideas and my ideas to come to a finished product that looked fresh and was efficient in attracting new interest. He also implemented a web marketing program that was comprehensive and effective. I would recommend Scott’s group to anyone looking for a web marketing source."

JoAnne Dearborn    SWFL Insurance Associates   

"Many thanks to Upton Technology Group for their expertise and creative talents in designing a professional and functional website for our property owner's association. The important follow up tech support has been very much appreciated!"

Allison Warren    Crane Creek Property Owners Association   

"I've been with Upton Technology Group for several years now and found their services both professional and affordable. Their attention to their customers is second to none."

Jessee Tremaine   

“I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using Upton Technology Group as our computer/internet repair and consultation resources. We are a major hospitality franchise which operates a 122 room hotel. The services provided from Upton’s comprehensive expert staff, and quick service response time, allow our business to operate without interruption. We achieved overwhelming success in upgrading our entire hotel internet service due to Upton’s Technology Group’s consultation expertise. We highly recommend all the services they provide!"

Marsha McDermott    Holiday Inn - Downtown Historic District   

"Our website was up and running much quicker than we anticipated and we are very happy with the results. Thank you to Upton Technology Group for their superior work and on-time performance. We highly recommend you to any user."

Terry Hester    Southwest Florida Plumbing   

"I met Scott when I was in a website crisis. Scott and his creative, helpful and friendly team at Upton Technology Group took over my website project that failed to launch and now the project is back on track. The new design of the website is fantastic! We are finalizing the last components of my website and I could not be more excited about its launch. Thanks to Scott and his team for all of their hard work!"

Stacy Sherman    Delectabiliteas   

"My husband and I work for a RE/MAX agency in Cape Coral, Florida but we have our own independent website. Our site had been hosted by a company out of state. We began experiencing problems with both billing, maintenance and content of our site. We were afraid we might lose our entire site altogether.

We had heard about Upton Technology Group from another realtor in our company. We contacted Scott to ask if he could help facilitate pointing our website away from our previous host to Upton Technology Group. The previous host would not be providing any assistance in the transition.

Scott was wonderful through our crisis. In a most reassuring, knowledgeable manner he directed me through all the steps we had to take to get our site up and running with Upton Technology Group as our new host. He took the time to respond to our numerous phone calls and emails even during non-business hours. Scott has a great personality for dealing with people like us who have very little understanding of the technical aspect of hosting, maintaining and driving traffic to our website. We need someone who does know what he's doing so we don't have to worry about it and so far, Scott Upton is the person."

Sue & Tom Demogenes    Cape Waterfront Living   

"Upton Technology Group is very accommodating, easy to work with and genuinely interested in the success of his clients. I would recommend Upton Technology Group for anyone interested in a successful web presence."

Jennifer Feri    Title Junction   

"I have extensive experience with Upton Technology Group both personally and professionally. UTG and their staff have always performed well above expectations, providing professional, expert service and advice for my home and my employer. I highly recommend UTG to anyone in search of a technology provider."

Mark Mekalet    Comcast   

"To find a hosting provider that can offer not only a human voice for technical support, but the opportunity to speak with senior management and technicians every time you call is a rarity. Upton Technology Group stood out from the crowd of hosting providers by providing superb customer service and technical management with the owner himself, readily available for 24/7 managed services. You called and he answered…a highly recommended company to work with."

Bryan Chaikin    D of G Design   

"We are a downtown law firm that employs Upton Technology Group for all our technical issues, ranging from creating and maintaining our server and network to fixing bugs on our personal cell phones. We are high maintenance, demanding and require immediate attention to our needs. Upton Technology Group has never failed to meet our high expectations and continues to provide service above and beyond any of the other five computer specialists we have employed and fired.

Steve Yaw has the best customer service manner of any geek I have known. Upton Technology Groups “can-do” attitude puts our firm at ease when crises arise . Git ‘er done service at completely affordable cost (did I mention we are also “cheap”?). I could not be more pleased with the attention and service Upton Technology Group has granted this office."

Lisa Whicker    The Law Offices of J. Patrick Buckley III   

"No problems and friendly prompt service. What more can you ask for!"

Jerry Gumbus   

"We have received the very best services from Upton Technology Group. They are great at resolving any issue that comes our way in a very speedy and professional manner. We would highly recommend their services to everyone. Keep up the great work!"

Sue    Wellington Academy Schools   

"Thank you so much for your ongoing, upbeat support, as we continue to learn our way around the web site, your prompt detailed responses have really been appreciated. I would gladly recommend you to anyone in the market to build or enhance their site!"

Chris Connelly    Kinetic Kitchen & Bath   

"The Upton Technology Group has provided great customer service. They are there to lend a hand and it is always with a smile. Technology is vastly changing and UTG is always ready to move into the newest trends. They are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for web development or hosting."

Julie Manker    JMank Design   

"The staff at Upton Technology Group raise the bar on customer service and usability. These people are - without a doubt - the best at what they do. If their competitors did half as well, they could consider themselves fortunate. Upton Technology Group is in a league of its own."

Joseph Francioni    Innovative Business Services   

"I was completely satisfied with the design of my website. Upton Technology Group incorporated the latest web design features into my website making it an exciting and enjoyable experience when navigating through it. The technical support I have received has far-exceeded my expectations for customer service, which is as important to me as the creative design of the site."

Kevin Campbell   

"I had an idea for a unique product that I call the Bottle Bong. This product would be used to chug bottled beverages at incredible speeds. I started making the Bottle Bong and was off and running... so I thought.

I was missing a very important piece of my business, a website. Without a website you have very limited ways for your product to be found online by hundreds of thousands of potential customers. I knew that a professional looking website would be key in the overall success of my business plan. I needed it to look good and I needed it FAST!

I was two weeks away from a vacation trip to Colorado to see my twin brother and wanted to use this trip to create new customers. I wanted to take along the Bottle Bong to show potential store owners. But, without a way for my customers to place orders, the trip would have been a wasted opportunity. Luckily, at the this time my father was also researching a web design company for his restaurant and my father called me to sit in on his meeting with Scott Upton from Upton Technology group. I took this opportunity to do some research for my business as well.

After meeting with Scott and seeing the caliber of work his company did, I decided to ask him to give me a quote for designing my website for BottleBong.us. I also told him that I was on a deadline of two weeks and it was important that I did not waste a potentially profitable trip across country to promote my product. He took on the task with great confidence and excitement.

Over the next two weeks we worked on content, videos, blogs and other important key elements in building a strong web presence. The final result was outstanding! My web site www.BottleBong.us has all the essential tools, blog, streaming videos, forms, contact buttons, shopping cart ect. for my customers online. Oh yeah, and he completed the task in only two weeks. If you need proof that his teams of professionals is anything short of outstanding check out my website at www.BottleBong.us and see for yourself.

I advise anyone who wants quality web design to definitely go with Upton Technology Group. I believe in quality and you get what you pay for with Scott and his team at Upton Technology Group."

Joe Pirrone    Bottle Bong   

"Our company has used Upton Technology for almost three years now and will continue to use them for years to come. We have tried several other companies in the past, yet none can hold a candle to Upton Technology Group's knowledge, customer service and professionalism. We would highly recommend them to anyone."

Judy Simonetti    Marlin International Realty   

"The service and assistance provided by Upton Technology Group has exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciate their "think-outside-the-box" approach to dealing with challenges. Many thanks to Scott and his team!"

Cello Bennett   

"Upton Technology Group came to my rescue a couple of years ago when my original web design company went out of business and was not fulfilling its contracted obligation. Scott made sure that the transition was smooth and recommended improvements and security measures to ensure that my web site worked seamlessly. Whenever I have updates. they are done promptly and correctly. I cannot recommend them enough."

Suzy Haslup    Meybohm Realtors   

"You have been so helpful. I am not a computer person and I can use all the help I can get. Thanks to you all!"

Stacy Gumbus   

"Upton Technology Group took a very confusing process of creating a website for Monkey Playhouse and simplified it by always being available to answer any questions no matter how simple or complex they were. UTG walked us through every step making sure we could fully utilize the amazing new tool they created for our business."

Micaela H.    Monkey Playhouse   

"Upton Technology Group is synonymous with Professional Excellence. It was a pleasure to have Scott Upton and his staff design our new website. They made the whole design process seem simple for us and included our input every step of the way. We have received nothing but positive feedback regarding the new site. Thank you so much!"

LaGace & Whitt Partners    Cape Coral Remax   

"Gladly will I continue to recommend your services to anyone as I have numerous times in the past. You and your company have always been professional, knowledgeable and more than fair priced. I appreciate those qualities as many times it is hard to find people in this area that can be trusted and relied upon."

Carl Libertore    Caputo Insurance Agency, Inc.   

"I can say without reservation that Upton Technology Group has always provided me with excellent service and value. Having a relationship with Upton Technology Group provides me with peace of mind that they will be there when I need them."

Earl Kegler   

"I have been around the scene for quite some time and I have used every major hosting company on the internet -- none compare to Upton Technology Group, period. Their service is incredible and the flexibility of their control panel is unmatched. There hasn’t been a time when I was in the least bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a task I set out to do. From setting up MySQL databases, to adding e-mail accounts, UTG makes everything a breeze. Nyle Media, Inc. is proud to call UTG home for now and years to come."

Brian Kobus    Nyle Media, Inc.   

"I want to thank Upton Technology Group for helping us transition to our new company. Scott's team has been instrumental in helping us with our new website, Email marketing and PPC/SEO services. Early results in this difficult economy have been very encouraging. We feel even better results will be ahead thanks to Scott’s team."

Greg Bullock    Sign and Design Depot   

"Upton Technology Group is definitely the best! You and your technicians are excellent. I feel secure in all ways when I bring my computer in for repair. It is not easy to find an honest, well trained and reliable company that delivers what they promise."

Brenda Wilson   

"Upton Technology Group has supported my small business computer set-up for several years now. I have been impressed with their ‘personal’ touch – alongside their expertise. Always getting someone on the phone or quick call-backs, flexibility in scheduling appointments, ‘being there’ in a crisis (and I have had several!), willingness and ability to work from a distance...it all adds up to helping me keep my business running smoothly. I am a strong believer in ‘local’ resourcing for all my business needs – and another thing I appreciate along with Upton’s convenient location is that they are willing to go the extra mile with really small local businesses like mine as well, I can only assume, as with their larger clients."

Betsy Barbour    Global Skills   

"As a snow bird from Indiana I thought finding help with my computer would be very difficult. Lucky me, I was told about Upton Technology Group. Twice after I had computer problems, they gave me what seemed like a new computer, after their superb tech service and quick turn around of my Lenova computer.

I highly recommend Upton for their outstanding service and excellent price competitiveness. "

Captain "J" Wood    United States Navy, Retired   

"I’ve been very happy with Upton Technolgy Group's services. You have been quick to respond to all our issues. You did an awesome job switching over our email server and staying with the project until all outstanding issues were resolved. Thank you!"

Renee Roggow    DOC Corporation   

"I highly recommend the Upton Technology Group. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have taken two computers to them and they have fixed all the bugs I managed to get in them. Not only that, but they were ready when promised and their charges were very reasonable. For me, there is no where else to take my computer!"

Joyce Malavenda   

"I was having immense difficulty finding anyone who could design and maintain my web needs. One call to Upton Technology Group and they took the ball and ran with it. The site is more than I imagined, while being user friendly. It has contributed to countless new clients for us and continues to bring people in on a daily basis."

Curt Randall    Gulf Coast Group   

"I have had the pleasure of working with Upton Technology Group on several projects over the past 10 years. Yes, their website design and marketing skills are superb and yes, their knowledge and understanding of all things technical surpasses that of so many other vendors I have dealt with. But what sets UTG apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. They are meticulous when it comes to getting every detail right, patient when it comes to training customers in the use of content management systems and most importantly, responsive. I won’t take my clients’ internet needs anywhere else."

Ginny Cooper    The Cooper Group   

"I found your help to be very accommodating Since I spend many hours on the computer because of my business, I was upset when the computer crashed. I had to buy a new computer and a good friend on mine gave your company as the best that he has dealt with and he was 100% correct. You guys had me done in a timely manner and that is salvaging a lot of documents that I needed. I also would recommend your services to anyone that needs a reliable company and may I add at a decent price."

Larry "The Poker Consultant"   

"Upton Technology Group provides excellent service and support. Our email situation was dismal, and UTG provided a clean, efficient solution by implementing a new Exchange Server. We will definitely utilize UTG in the future as our web needs change."

Mark Mekalet    Telephone Support Systems   

"Thank you for the fine service and quick response you have always provided when I need you to solve a computer problem. Being the manager of a local department store and my wife working for a law firm, we rely on our home and work computers to run without problems. You have always resolved our problems quickly and completely. We're both glad your out there to help when we need it. I would recommend you to any one because of your fair prices and expert results."

Bill Warren   

“The growth of my practice and the outreach to patients is heavily dependent upon a professionally presented web page. Since joining forces with the Upton Technology Group the hits to my web page have doubled and more importantly the conversion rate has quadrupled. I am getting inquiries about my surgical services from all around the country which never happened previously. I can honestly say that these guys know what they are doing and are serious about helping me to grow my practice through my web page presentation and associated links. I highly recommend the Upton Technology Group to anyone serious about developing their internet presence.”

Dr. Robert Zehr    Zehr Center for Orthopaedics   

"I just opened a new business and the attention to detail, kindness and legitimate concern that I was happy was more then I could have ever hoped for. Upton Technology Group will be my technology source as my business grows. I needed to look no further."

Brad Liebe    KK&B Financial Services For Seniors   

"Upton Technology Group and Scott Upton came to my rescue when I was having serious issues with my previous web designer. They went above and beyond to ensure my site was performing at its optimum and were in constant communication with me providing updates on their progress during this transition. I am completely satisfied with their service."

Suzy Haslup    Meybohm Realtors   

"As a small Business Owner, my computer is my life blood to my business. Upton Technology Group is by far the best that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are fast, friendly and fair. I had my computer back the next day without missing a beat. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their computer needs."

Darrell Shively    S & S Appraisals, Inc.   

“As a small franchised hotel, we do not have an on-site IT department that we can rely on. That being said, Scott and his team is the next best thing. Whenever we have any IT challenges, I am always confident that they will respond in a timely manner and give us the support we need. It puts my mind at ease to know that we have someone looking out for us and willing to help in any way.”

Kim Klafter    Hotel Indigo - Downtown Fort Myers   

"I commend Upton Technology Group for their support services. As the owner of the Omega Centre I have been in some situations with my computer system that could have been disastrous, but with the professional and quick response of Upton Technology Group my business was not affected. I would not hesitate to recommend you."

Annette Bohs    Omega Centre   

"We’ve been working with Upton Technology Group for almost a year now and we couldn’t be happier with their services! Any time we have a question or need help with our website or marketing they are always ready and happy to assist. Thanks for all your hard work!"

Lucia Dunn    Southwest Heating & Cooling   

"Thanks so much, please accept this email as formal communication that you currently hold the title for “Bomb Digity”! Wear it with pride."

Dixie Carlotti    Southshore Property Management   
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